Predicting Reliability and Robustness for Automotive Electronics Hardware
Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO
Margaret Schmitt


As the design of today’s automotive systems becomes more complex with ever-increasing requirements for reliability and performance, engineers are relying more and more on simulation to help them optimize their designs. With trends toward power efficient systems with high reliability, simulation helps predict issues with system-level reliability including power delivery, thermal management, signal integrity, emission compliance, and structural integrity issues such as board warpage and solder ball reliability. ANSYS offers a system-level design flow incorporating chip, package, board and system-level components for electrical, thermal, and mechanical analysis. This presentation will highlight how this multiphysics workflow enables component and system-level optimization early in the design phase, to help shorten development time and enable design iterations at the chip, package, pcb, and system-level, focused on creating more reliable and optimized designs for Infotainment, ADAS, V2X and other critical automotive applications.